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 Useful guide and FAQ for Prius tw

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PostSubject: Useful guide and FAQ for Prius tw   Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:11 pm

In this guide I will basically cover some of the basic functions of the game and have a small FAQ section.
Maybe it will get larger thru time......

a1. In-game Screen
a2. Skill list Screen
a3. Anima
a4. Equipments
a5. Character Screen explanation
a6. Mailbox functions
a7. Food effects

a1. In-game Screen
Ok, 1st I will explain the various things that you see from the game screen. Pls refer to the picture below.

1 - Normal inventory
2 - Quest inventory
3 - Expanded inventory (requires cash shop to activate)
4 - Area name that you are in
5 - Channel you are currently on
6 - Coordinates
7 - Giant Summoning availability indicator
8 - Your in-game gold
9 - Your in-game time points (can be used to buy items from Time Shop, which is gained thru time)
10 - Cash Shop
11 - Shows you the current status of the daily limited areas (some areas are limited to a certain amount of entries per day)
12 - Time Shop
13 - Shadow & Atk FX controls

I will list down the various options (from top to bottom) when you click on the button
A - Mail
B - Character (Char info / Char skill / Anima info / Anima skill / Giant info / Mount info / Journal)
C - Inventory
D - Quest Log
E - Community (Friend-list / Modify party settings / Create party / Search for party / Guild / Look for chat room)
F - Events (Guild ranking / Guild war status / View PVP room / Enter PVP room)
G - Map (Map / Travelling Map)
H -Settings

a2. Skill list Screen
To bring up the skill list screen, press K. I will make a brief description of what are the functions on this page (active skill)

A - Active Skill tab
B - Passive Skill tab
C - Actions/Emotes tab
D - Skill Points ("SP")
E - Detailed Skill Description (place where you can upgrade your skill with SP)
F - Skill Level (you can select the lvl by clicking on the drop-down arrow)
G - Mastery Level (there are 3 mastery in total)

The Passive SKill screen is almost the same as the Active Skill so I am not going to talk much about it.

Actions/Emotes screen
There is a very important action button which I highlighted in Blue.
Place it in the shortcut and you can command your Anima to run to you. VERY useful when Anima is being atk or you need to run thru aggro mobs area.

The button to the right of it is to ask ANIMA to hold position. Useful when you want to approach enemies with AOE atk and you wanna prevent ANIMA from getting hit from the strike.

Detailed Skill Description screen
Once you click on the Detailed Skill Description it will pop-up the below page, which I will give a brief explanation on its functions.

1 - Skill Type: Active or Passive (the one in my example is an Active skill)
2 - Casting Time
3 - Attack Range
4 - MP usage
5 - Skill Cooldown
6 - Required Weapon
7 - Skill Damage
8 - Training Level (usually is increase attack damage)
9 - Proficiency Level (usually for melee char is decrease cooldown; usually for mage/bard is decrease casting time)
10 - Understanding Level (decrease mp usage)

NOTE : The mastery under Passive Skill is not the same as Active skills. Passive skills will only have 1 type of mastery and it is usually to increase a certain stats

a3. Anima
In this section, I will briefly talk about the various functions for Anima information & setting screens.

You can go to these links to find out more about Anima (it is in chinese so would need to translate it)

The below screen is the Anima Info

A - Anima's Info tab
B - Anima's Characteristic
C - Anima's Skill
D - Anima's equipments
E - Health Point ("HP")
F - Magical Point ("MP")
G - Relationship (how close the Anima is with you)
H - Change Name (pls note that you can only do this once)
I - Feelings (From left to right: Curious, Love, Happy, Cheerful, Fear, Dislike, Angry, Sad)
J - Plant commute (gather raw materials like flower, branches, etc)
K - Cultivation (make items like potions, stats buff, equip upgrade stabilizers, etc)
L - Calm Soul (gather dead monster's soul)
M - Tame (use on live monster to get seeds or mount soul)
N - Cook (make food thru the furnace in Personal House)

Anima Characteristic screen
There are basically 4 characteristic (Clockwise from the top) Positive, Independent, Negative, Dependent.

The options 1 to 4 is to set the Anima's behaviour.

1 - 對每件事都積極地行動吧!
Increases Positive(high) & Independent(low) thru time. Actively gather items, hit mobs, cast spells without asking. Chance of being spotted by mobs is high. Focus in attacking spells.
2 - 發揮好奇心,活潑地行動吧
Increases Positive(low) & Independent(high) thru time. Will ask before gathering item. Chance of being spotted is high. Focus in buff spells.
3 - 行動前仔細思考思考吧
Increases Dependent(high) & Negative(low) thru time. Will ask before gathering item. Chance of being spotted is low. Focus in debuff spells.
4 - 以安全為優先謹慎的行動吧
Increases Dependent(high) & Negative(high) thru time. Will not gather item (unless instructed). Chance of being spotted is low. Focus in recovery spells.

Cultivating Anima's Characteristic
Your initial choice when creating your Anima doesn't really matter in how her characteristic develop. It is the things you do that will determine her growth.

There are a few ways to make Anima characteristic change. (The change is not instant, it needs time to cultivate her characteristics)
1st - You can do so by choosing the correct behaviour (pls see the above on Anima's Characteristic Screen).

2nd - The choices that you make when the popup appears with Anima's face and 2 options beside it. (The 1st option is agreeing to her feeling, 2nd is disagree). Remember before you answer her, go to her status screen and check her current feeling (press V).

For example: If her feeling is Happy, agreeing with her will increase Positive & Independent and disagreeing will result in the opposite (inc Negative & Dependent). However if her feeling is Sad, agreeing will inc Negative & Dependent)

3rd - The different items that you give her will have different effects in her characteristics.

4th - By accomplishing/failing her task.
For example: If you ask her to tame a mob and she fail (Negative will increase), if she is successful (Positive will increase).

Anima's skills/spells
Although your Anima can learn all the spells available to her but the spells that she can use is based on her characteristics, so you will need to breed her accordingly. You can learn new spells from the Gardener in your Personal House.

I will list down which area your pink icon will need to be on Anima's Characteristic Screen in order for her to use a certain type of spells.
Top right (green zone) = Attack spells.
Right = Combat buffs
Bottom right (red zone) = Team assist spells
Bottom = Defensive buffs
Bottom left (yellow zone) = Healing & recovery spells
Left = Curse spell
Top left (blue zone) = Debuff spells

a4. Equipments
1st I need to highlight a special type of equipment that I have discovered, the "Unrepairable" equipment.

If you come across equips with that additional text that I have highlighted in Red in the above picture, it means that the item is a Unrepairable item. This type can't be repaired at the blacksmith.

As of now, I am still unable to find a way to repair such items, no luck in cash shop either. So please avoid such items if possible.

Equipment tempering
I will translate the options in Blacksmith NPC here to make things easier for everyone.

Now here I will list down some of the tempering items that I have discovered.

1 - Increase 50% for Orb removing
2 - Increase 15% for Orb removing
3 - Increase 5% for Orb removing
4 - Increase 30% for Orb removing
5 - Will only prevent equip from breaking when strengthening fail
6 - Equip will only -1 when strengthening fail
7 - Prevent equip from having any bad effects & breaking when strengthening fail
8 - Add socket to your armors
9 - Add socket to your weapons & armors
10 - Add socket to Anima's equip
11 - Add socket to your weapons
12 - Increase the minimum value when Dismantling equip
13 - Increase the maximum value when Dismantling equip

a5. Character Screen explanation

1) Character name ------------- 6) Health Point
2) Guild name ------------------- 7) Magical Point
3) Job ---------------------------- 8 ) Experience Point
4) Level -------------------------- 9) Contribution Point
5) Alliance ----------------------- 10) Title

11) Strength (+Melee atk, +Max HP)
12) Technique (+Range atk, +accuracy, +evade)
13) Intelligence (+M.atk, +M.def, +Max MP)
14) Stamina (+P.def, +Max HP, +HP regen)
15) Perception (+accuracy, +evade, +critical, +Max MP)
16) Luck (+evade, +critical, +accuracy)

17) Melee damage ------------- 23) Melee accuracy
18) Range damage ------------- 24) Range accuracy
19) Magic damage -------------- 25) Magic accuracy
20) Physical defense ----------- 26) Magic Defense
21) Accuracy -------------------- 27) Evade Rate
22) Critical Rate ---------------- 28) Perfect Guard
------------------------------------ 29) Versus Guard

a6. Mailbox functions

a7. Food effects
I will list down the additional effects of food made with different feelings that I had discovered here.

Curious: +M.atk (Recovery+30% for low Lv food)
Love: +Max HP
Happy: +Range Atk
Cheerful: +Accuracy
Fear: +M.def
Dislike: +Evade
Angry: +P.atk
Sad: +P.def

Current Characters in Prius Online TW
Karma (hunter) Lvl 45 - In Guild

Check out my tutorial guide:
Hunter guide:

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PostSubject: FAQ section   Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:47 am

Ok this will be the FAQ section. I will list down some which I think will be useful.
Everyone is welcome to help me out with adding new FAQs or correcting it.

Q1. How do I get my Anima?
A1. You will need to reach level 10 1st and get a lvl 10 Anima quest from an NPC (the NPC will mail you to notify)

Q2. How do I get a mount?
A2. You will need to reach level 20, and do a lvl 20 Anima quest from an NPC (I think is the Gardener in your personal house). Quest will require you to catch a Pink Bear with your Tame skill and put its mount soul into a crystal(pink bear, cost: 30k) bought from Anima shop.

Q3. How do I learn new skills for my character?
A3. Look for NPC with [技能] beside his/her name, you will be able to learn skill there when you have the required level. Its usually 2 lvls for a new skill, which you will either get a new skill level or a brand new skill.

Q4. How do I upgrade my skills?
A4. You can upgrade them from your Skill list screen > Detailed Skill Description. There are 3 mastery in total, pls refer to my above post for more info.

Q5. How can my Anima learn new skills?
A5. Go to your Personal House (1st warp from town portal), switch to Anima mode (F11) and talk to the Gardener (Onion look-alike NPC with a big hat).

Q6. Can I upgrade my Anima's skill like my playable character?
A6. Don't think so. You can only learn new levels of the spell from the Gardener NPC.

Q7. Is there an auto run function?
A7. Yes, press INSERT key.

Q8. My Anima is attack and it stopped moving!! Is there a way to recover her?
A8. Yes. There are various way to do it, you can switch to Anima mode (F11) or use the Anima recall action(pls refer to above post for more info).

Q9. How do I feed my mount?
A9. Ride the mount and right click the food you are going to feed from the inventory and choose feed. Normally when you right click a food, it will only have 3 options (eat, gift for Anima, discard). When you are riding the mount there will be 4 options (eat, gift, feed, discard).

Q10. How do i whisper to someone?
A10. To do that, type /w name text

Q11. I got a weapon I can't repair, what to do?
A11. That item may be a limited usage item. Don't think there is a way to repair these. {pls read the above guide for more info)

Q12. My inventory is full, is there anyway to expand it?
A12. Yes. You can expand it by using cash shop to enable the "Expanded Inventory" for 30 days.

However for ppl like us who can't/don't use cash shop, there is a trick to "expand" your inventory. You can put your things that you want to keep into Auction and put the price very high so that no one will buy it. Then after 24 hrs of Auction, it will be sent to your mail.

The mail will be in the mail inbox for 30 days (they have a counter). When time is nearly up take the items out from the mail. Just repeat the above steps if you need to keep the item longer. Just take note not to let the mail expire or it will be gone.

Alternatively you can move the mail from the inbox to the storage mailbox to keep it permanently stored. (as the storage mailbox doesn't have a date so i presume it is perm storage - this still need further tryouts).

Current Characters in Prius Online TW
Karma (hunter) Lvl 45 - In Guild

Check out my tutorial guide:
Hunter guide:

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PostSubject: How to get Giant Summon?   Tue Mar 09, 2010 8:19 am

I will provide my findings here on how to get the Giant summon.

I am translating the quest guide provided under the below link and added some of my own experiences while trying to get my Giant so that it would help our fellow members on getting the Giant summon.

All major credits should still go to the actual posters from the below link.

For my guide I will highlight the:
NPCs in blue
Map area in yellow
Quest name in green

Before you can even get the actual Giant summon quest, you will need to get all of Anima's feelings.
By this time of the game, you should have gotten all except the last feeling (Fear)

NOTE: You will need to complete all the main story quest of your own town (depending on your job) & the new city ( 波艾載里斯 ) Foederis or Solutus. The main quests in the new city Foederis should mostly come from NPC【 司法官拉伊希伍斯 】

If all your quests prior to Giant's quest are done, you can go to map area 『 狂暴溪谷 』(south of Foederis) and look for NPC [女巫德拉塞納] to get the Giant's quest.

However, if NPC doesn't provides you with the quest.....don't fear. The below will give you some guidelines.

1st check that you have done the main story quests from your respective town (depending on your job) until you get a quest that ask you to travel to the new city (<波艾載里斯>Foederis or Solutus).

Swordsman, Hunter & Healer will get a quest (you will have to clear your main story quests in your town till you can get this) from their respective town that ask you to travel to the new city Foederis.

Whereas Mage, Gunner & Warrior will get a quest (you will have to clear your main story quests in your town till you can get this) from their respective town that ask you to travel to Solutus.

From the new town (Foederis or Solutus; depending on your job). you must do the story quest until you get a quest that ask you to go to map area 『 起源的搖籃 』, which is somewhere around 『 狂暴溪谷 』(zoom in on the map around the area), which is somewhere south of Foederis.

Then look for NPC【 調查員佩拉伊斯 】and get Anima's feeling (Fear) quest.

She will give you a quest " 測量空間 ", after completing the quest return to NPC【 調查員佩拉伊斯 】
After that the quest will ask you to run around and talk to different NPCs (A B C).

Now she will ask you to go and look for NPC 【 司法官拉伊希伍斯 】

After the conversation, you will be asked to go to『 隱遁的要塞 』and look for NPC [任務] 戰鬥團長官歐蕾立亞

After reporting to the above mentioned NPC, both NPCs beside him will have !lighted up.

Left side:戰鬥團團員艾尼伍斯 Quest:[28+]調查可疑箱子
Right side:釘頭騎士亞列亞尼斯 Quest:[27]防礙貝魯亞族警備兵

After you get the key to open the box, an NPC will appear.

Actually this NPC is nothing but nonsense, you can just ride on your mount and go turn in your quest.
After getting your job's Glove as the reward, go look for NPC 司法官拉伊希伍斯

After finding him go to 『 狂暴溪谷 』 and look for 戰鬥團長官吉尼爾斯

You will get a new quest [29]追蹤先遣部隊 after talking to him.
After reaching the destination appointed to you, 《 石廟區的唄石 》will appear.

After talking to the NPC, enemy 被洗腦的先遣部隊 will appear. Defeat the enemy and the quest will be completed.

After you have done the above, you can go look for NPC 女巫德拉塞納 at 『 狂暴溪谷 』 that didn't give you your quest earlier (as mentioned at the beginning of this guide).

From here she will ask you to get item "10 x 紅苔蜥蜴的苔" ( 這是什麼? ).

After you completed the above, look for 戰鬥團長官吉尼爾斯 and get quest [29]人質交換

To be followed by investigation 《 活性化的石碑 》

Then go to 『 墮落女巫谷溪谷 』 and defeat 3 bosses
Suggest that you take out the 2 on the right as the left side is full of aggro mobs.

You will get item" 雷格諾斯的強化鋼鐵 " x1 after completing the quest.
Then go look for 司法官拉伊希伍斯 to get quest:[30]中斷儀式方法

And then go look for 傳訊者賈卡蘭塔

After that look for 司法官拉伊希伍斯 get quest:[30]火焰石巨人的核

After completing the quests, go look for 女巫德拉塞納 and get:[30+]阻止復活儀式

Now you will need to fight a boss.

And NPC will appear and start blabbering, ignore him and go look for 女巫德拉塞納 to turn in your quest.

Now get the Giant summon quest:[30]巨神兵~~找出元兇 and at the same time get Anima's feeling (Fear)《 害怕 》

Then go look for 司法官拉伊希伍斯 and get:[30]巨神兵~~狂氣熔岩洞窟
After reaching 狂氣熔岩洞窟 entrance, don't fear and run into it in one shot.
You will find the place familiar as it is the place of your prologue.

After you get to the final area, you will meet the little guy and his giant monster (the ones that knocked you down before)
You can ignore the giant monster just focus all your firepower on the little guy.

After you defeated him, go back to 司法官拉伊希伍斯

Quest complete!!! Yeah you get your Giant summon!!!

Current Characters in Prius Online TW
Karma (hunter) Lvl 45 - In Guild

Check out my tutorial guide:
Hunter guide:
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PostSubject: Re: Useful guide and FAQ for Prius tw   

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Useful guide and FAQ for Prius tw
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