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 Please read before you post any questions

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PostSubject: Please read before you post any questions   Wed Mar 03, 2010 5:58 am

The Q & A section is split into 2 sections: "Quest Help" and "General Enquiries".
Pls post your questions accordingly.

I know most people are having problem with understanding the language in this game, thus making quest hard to do.

But before you actually post a question in the Quest Help thread, pls read the following simple FAQ that I made so that you are able to solve the quest without even needing to seek help. Smile

NOTE : If you do need to post a question, pls external link the screenshot if the picture is too big so as to not distort the forum. Thanks.

Ok, I am going to summarize the way how quests works in this game.
1) Go to a certain location on the map and kill a certain type of monster ("mob") for a certain amount.
2) Go to a certain location on the map, kill some mob and get a number of certain drops.
3) Same as no. 2, however you need to use a certain item in the Quest Inventory (2nd tab in the inventory screen) on the mob either before or after killing it.
4) Go to a certain location and meet a certain NPC (either end up making a conversation and he/she ask you to do something or he/she will just give you a quest item)
5) Go to a certain location use a certain item from Quest Inventory (sometimes you are required to kill a certain mini boss which will spawn after item is use)
6) Sometimes you need to change into Anima form (F11 key) to talk to NPC or gather items that you can't see in normal mode.
7) Sometimes it ask you to make a certain item (thru your own crafting skills) <- Rarely happens

Things to Note:
- Do note that some quest have Time Limit for you to complete the given quest.
- The that the mob/item that you need to kill or use will all be hightlighted in orange in the quest message.

The RED target indicator in the map shows the place that you need to go to perform the task.
The GREY [?] icon on the map shows where is the NPC for returning the quest.


Inventory screen

This is a picture illustration on how quest works. (You need to click on the picture in the link before you can enlarge it)
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Please read before you post any questions
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