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 Registration Guide for Prius Online TW

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PostSubject: Registration Guide for Prius Online TW   Tue Mar 02, 2010 6:21 am

Talking Prius Online [TW] Open Beta | Registration Guide
Hello! It's been a while since I posted here and since I've last played Prius Online on the JP version. Well anyway, I got in the mood to play this game again since my main account got blocked on the JP version and since there is no IP block on this game at the moment, I thought I should do a guide for those who want to try the game out......again for those who was unfortunate like me. Let's get started:

Step 1.A
First go to the following website:

Step 1.B
If you're not a member of Wasabii, then click on the link indicated on the picture below:

Step 1.C
The next page, click on yes at the bottom of the page as indicated like the following image:

Step 2.A
The next step is self explanatory. Just fill in each section like in the image below and keep in mind that you will need to use the soft keyboard to fill in the password section (translation thanks to Google Toolbar):

Step 2.B
Congratulations! Your account is made and now you need to activate your game account. Start by clicking the second button as indicated in the image below:

Step 3.A
In the next page, you will see the Prius Online logo and 3 selections to the right of it. Pick the option indicated in the following image:

Step 3.B
Next, agree to the statement agreement by clicking the button indicated in the next image:

Registration Final Step
You will only see 1 button on this page to verify your account for the game. Click it and you're done with registering your game account for Prius Online (or any other games on their site you choose). Now you're done and ready to download Prius Online!

:: Prius Online Taiwan Download Page ::

:: Note ::

- There is no IP Block on this game at the current time so enjoy playing no matter where you're from.

- As for getting the client, it seems downloading from the official site itself is useless (I could never download it from there). You're going to have to download the game from either their bittorrent links or use the direct download from "HiNet" or "17t17p" and even then, you're going to need to make an account to download from those site as well. I am not going to make a registration guide for those so don't ask me cause it's not hard (especially if you have google toolbar.....just use the translator).

Thank's a lot the autor: Hideki-Motosuwa. This tutorial was posted in ONRPG Forum
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Registration Guide for Prius Online TW
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