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 MC - Helpful trick

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PostSubject: MC - Helpful trick   Wed Mar 03, 2010 3:54 am

Guys maybe some of u here have known MC but others still not, so i will introduce it. And maybe my eng is not good so feel for me =P
MC - Motion cancel is a trick that can help u train faster than normal about 1,2 ~ 2 times
How does it work? Ok maybe i can't descript it fully but hope u understand it cuz it's not difficult to use

Ex: I will
- put the normal attack icon in slot 1 (first skill in skill window K button)
- put a instant skill in slot 2 (instant skill means the skill doesnt have cast time)
- put another instant skill in slot 3
- put another instant skill in slot 4 and more.....
Ok , after targetting a mob i will press like this: 1xs2xs3xs4xs...1xs2xs3xs4xs... (repeat) dun care about cooldown, try to understand it first
It means: atk - sit - backward - atk - sit - backward...... (X is sit & S is backward)
After u use a skill, u can cancel its animation by pressing X to sitdown, but to prevent u from sittingdown to continue atking, u must press S then.
1xs means press one by one 1-x-s (especially press X fast after 1), not in the sametime
Ok so that's all. If u dont understand anywhere just leave reply =P
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MC - Helpful trick
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